When transporting food products with a short shelf life, medicines or flowers, as well as in many other cases, it is necessary to use a vehicle with a refrigerator. A proper selection of specialized vehicles and strict deadline management are the guarantee of a successful delivery of perishable products.

“Cargo Russia” provides services involving the organization of refrigerated road transportation. We have different classes of refrigerators with different temperature characteristics and the usable volume inside.

We perform all kinds of procedures associated with the delivery of perishable goods from abroad and across Russia:

• Provision ofa vehicle with a refrigerator and necessary temperature conditions

• Route working out, taking into account the capacity of a refrigerator and its compulsory technical maintenance.

• Preparation of documents related to the transportation

To order a refrigerated road vehicle and a transportation itself,fill in a request form on ourwebsite or call us at +7 812 309-49-30. Our experts will tell in detail about the transportation of perishable goods, refrigerated transportation cost and terms of cooperation.