Provision of transportation services to agricultural enterprises including the transportation of agricultural raw materials and derivative products in universal railway cars, railroad tanks and high-capacity containers is a strategically significant trend in our activity.

Transport and logistics operator Cargo Russia offers transportation services for the following agricultural products:

Wheat, rye, peas, flax seeds, buckwheat, corn, rapeseed, barley, feed oats, sunflowers, flour, meal, presscake, fertilizers etc.

Transportation technologies at our disposal enable us to transport:

  • Packed/prepacked goods
  • bulk cargo with the use of adry liner
  • liquid cargo with the use of a flexitank

How to order cargo transportation by rail:

  • Call us in Saint-Petersburg:+7 812 309-49-30 or leave a request on our website
  • Provide our specialists with the following information: departure station, destination station, exact cargo name or standard transportation commodity code (Classes of Transport Rates or HS of tariff nomenclature), batch weight and volume and packing / packaging method.
  • Our experts will calculate the cost of a rolling stock and a railway tariff, the cost of railway car equipment, the cost of provision / cleaning, the cost ofloading and unloading works, as well as delivery time.
  • You can order a "door to door" delivery or just a rail transportation.
  • Our services include execution of quarantine certificates, veterinary certificates and transport documents (PG-12 and CMR notes)