Transportation of oversized cargo is a complicated procedure that requires special skills and a high degree of responsibility. The more composite the construction is, the rarerspecial-purpose machinery is required for itstransportation. And the harder it is to get a transportation authorization.

Transport and logistics operator “Cargo Russia” offers a full range of services involving the transportation of oversized cargo. We transport all kinds of oversized cargo, including special equipment, composite constructions, building materials, industrial equipment, yachtsandautoboats.

Our services:

• Selection of vehicles with regard to the size and weight of your cargo

• Working out of a routein accordance with transportation requirements,taking into account the road width, clear headroom, unloaded weight restrictions, etc.

• Preparation of documents and permits for the transportation of oversized cargo across the territory of Russia and abroad

• Coordination of special procedures related to the transportation of oversized cargo in some route sectors

• Provision of loading and unloading of oversized cargo

For more information on the cost of transportation of oversized cargo and related issues, call us in Saint Petersburg: +7 812 309-49-30 or fill in a request form on ourwebsite.