“Cargo Russia” provides international transportation of cargo by road transport. We will selecta vehicle specially for you, work out a route, prepare the necessary documents and deliver the cargoas quick and accurately as possible in compliance with the legislation of transit countries.

We offer:

• Transport services: selection of a vehicle, transportation, loading operations

• Working out of a route, taking into account specific features of traffic environment, road network and formal requirements of different countries to a certain cargo

• Preparation of documents at all stages of cargo transportation

• "Door-to-door" delivery of cargo

We provide transport and forwarding services across Russia and outside its territory.Our team can undertake all the work related todelivery preparation and performance, or perform separate procedures and calculations.

Call us in Saint Petersburg: +7 812 309-49-30. Our specialists from the Department of International Road Transportation will answer your questions, calculate the cost of yourcargo transportation and delivery period.