Air transportation is the best option to deliver cargo quickly and over long distances. Cargo Russia provides transportation services over the whole territory of Russia and abroad.

Air freight operations allow to deliver special kinds of goods: medicines, plants, animals and foods requiring a very fast and accurate delivery. Our company cooperates with leading domestic airlines and private enterprises and provides the maximum quality of air delivery.


We have been working in the market of transportation and logistics services for more than eight years. Our reputation is supported by our customers’ progress. Along with an air transportation performed by professionals, you will get a guarantee of:

  • speed. It is always a rush delivery, since no other transportation vehicle can be compared with a plane in terms of promptness;
  • security. Air transport is the safest in the world, so you can entrust your valuable goods to the aircraft side;
  • flexibility. This method of transportation is perfect for most types of cargo - perishable, dangerous, oversized and other specific goods;
  • competent staff. Since an airport is a closed institution, you should not worry about the safety and integrity of your cargo.

Working with Cargo Russia, you do not need to hunt for an airport and learn flight schedules, as well as prepare and sign contracts. Employees of the transport and logistics operator will solve all the problems and organize a "door-to-door" cargo transportation by air to any point of Russia and the world.

The company carries out the following set of measures:

  • dealing with all the issues related to a flight (search of a flight, including a charter, preparation of documentation and cooperation with airports);
  • arrangement of necessary onboard conditions for the goods (temperature, packaging);
  • transit of goods to the airport;
  • storage in the company’s own warehouses (including abroad);
  • online route tracking;
  • provision of a personal manager dealing with the order from the moment of initiating a request to delivery.

Along with international air transportation, we offer other logistic services. This includes delivery by road and water transport and certification of goods. Our experts provide advice in the sphere of foreign economic activity.

To order an air transportation of cargo, please call +7 (812) 309-49-30 or use the online request form. For more information on the cost, terms and conditions of our services, contact a consultant. Our customer service works round the clock and is ready to answer all your questions regarding international air transportation.

Air delivery is the solution for modern business and a guarantee of its success.